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Leather Type Aniline Pigmented

Know Your Leather Type

Most auto leather is pigmented leather. It is leather with a distinctive paint-like coating that readily beads water. But, some high-end vehicles such as the Ford King Ranch or BMW Merino Leathers have an aniline finish – a high quality stained leather that readily absorbs water. Other high-end leathers are semi-aniline – aniline with a thin protective coating. What does this mean for you?

For cleaning and care products, products that have a cleaning code of A or P is appropriate for both pigmented and aniline type finishes.

For dyes, the leather type dictates the appropriate product. For pigmented leather Dye Colorant is the right choice. Choose a color from our extensive auto color charts. For aniline leather, an aniline leather dye must be used. Consult our aniline color chart for available colors.

Auto Leather Dye Colors

Auto Leather Dye Color Charts

Our color charts have hundreds of colors for all major makes and models of cars. Note that these colors are for pigmented finishes only – by far the dominant finish in the automotive leather arena. For high-end aniline finishes we have the Ford King Ranch Aniline Recoloring Kit and the Aniline Recoloring Kit. Please consult the aniline color charts for aniline finishes. Note that if you are doing a complete restoration, an aniline finish can be replaced with a pigmented finish. But once done there is no practical way to go back.

Leather Master Stay Bright Light Colors Kit

Leather Stain Protection

A frequent problem, especially for lighter finishes, is staining that occurs during everyday wear. Dye transfer from blue jeans is a very common issue. To remove it consider Leather Master Dye Transfer cleaner. To clean and protect light leathers, consider the Leather Master Stay Bright Kit. Perhaps the most difficult stain in leather is from a ballpoint pen. Since this type of stain must be removed immediately, keep Leather Master Ink Lifter on hand or pre-treat leather with Leather Master Ink Stop.