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Leather Repair Manual

Whether you are visiting our site for car leather repair or leather furniture repair, Leather World Tech is here to provide you with a huge inventory of resources to help you make the right purchasing decisions for all of your leather repair needs. Before you buy any repair kits, dyes or cleaners, we feel that it is very important to make sure you invest in the correct products so that your leather is cared for according to its specifications.

When leather is properly treated, it can retain its ‘new’ appearance for years. Leather World Tech wants you to understand how to achieve this and get the best performance out of all of your leather repair products. We offer educational tools in this section that will help you decide which car leather repair and leather furniture repair products you need to buy. We pride ourselves in providing valuable information, expert customer service along with only the highest quality leather repair products.

We offer a variety of leather repair products ranging from leather cleaning agents and supplies, leather dyes and leather graining. To find out what type of leather repair products you need to purchase, click on the appropriate topic below to learn more.

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Leather FAQs Leather Identification Cleaning Leather

The top 10 leather repair, care, and dyeing questions and answers.

How to distinguish leather finish types such as pigmented, aniline, oiled, and waxed.

Learn the leather cleaning products and methods for different leather types such as pigmented, aniline, and nubuck.

Leather Problems Leather Repair Leather Dyeing

Learn about common leather problems such as dye transfers , body oils, ink stains and more and how to fix them.

A comprehensive description of leather repair issues such as cuts, rips, tears, scuffs, scrapes, and how you can repair the leather.

Learn about different leather dye types for pigmented, aniline, and nubuck finishes and the leather dyeing procedures needed to create a myriad of leather finishes.

Leather Graining Suede Nubuck Care Leather Glossary

Leather grain reproduction is critical to producing a realistic leather repair. Learn about the skills and materials needed.

Nubuck and suede leather finishes are unprotected. The lack of a protective coating and the characteristic texture of nubuck and suede makes these leathers prone to staining and soiling.

An encyclopedic list of leather terms used within the leather manufacture, dyeing, finishing and repair industry.

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