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Color Matching Options:

Leather World Technologies offers a custom color matching service starting at 79.95. Also, we have several alternative methods that can be used to achieve the desired color. Before determining the best method you must first identify the leather type. After identifying the leather type you can determine the best route of achieving the color match. If you need assistance determining your leather type
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In most scenarios you can select a close color from our Aniline Color Chart and control the shade of the color by the amount of coats. You can also mail us a sample for a precise match. Download form here.


Most leathers are considered pigmented or top coated leathers. You can send a sample for color matching of you can use the Leather World's Color Adjusting Kit to adjust a standard Dye Colorant. The Color Adjusting Kit includes 5 primary pigments that you can use to color match. The kit includes detailed instructions to make adjustments simple and easy. The following options are explained below for you to determine which route is most convenient.

Sending a Sample
Leather World Custom Color Match Recoloring Kit

Step 1. Obtaining a sample (2x2)

• Option A: Send a swatch.
Swatches can be obtained from hidden, under the cushion or a detachable piece.

• Option B: Send a Paint Chip
Paint chips can be obtained from your local paint store. The paint chip should be an accurate representation of the color you need for the leather.

Step 2. Fill out the form
Please fill out the required form. You will want to fill out this form and include it with the color sample. Click here to download the form.

Step 3: Send the form and sample
We cannot match two-tone or multi-colored pigmented leathers. We need a minimum of a 2x2 inch swatch for color matching. Please be aware the sample you send us may not be the same as the piece you are repairing due to fading and wear. We cannot match to email pictures or photos.

Leather World Custom Color Match Recoloring Kit
Custom Color Matched Recoloring Kit
Kits starting at 79.95

Standard Dye + Adjusting Kit
Leather World Custom Color Adjusting Kit and Dye Colorant

Identifying the Leather
Don't know the leather type? Click here.

Anline Leather:
For aniline leathers select a close color from our Aniline Color Chart. The color can be adjusted by number of coats. Once you have determined the color you can order the Aniline Recoloring Kit.

Pigmented / Top-Coated Leather:

Step 1. Find the closest standard dye
Leather World has hundreds of automotive colors and the most prominent furniture colors in the industry. Start by selecting your dye from our Furniture or Automotive Color Charts.

Step 2. Selecting Sheen
Be sure to select the correct sheen.
Note: Automobile is predominantly satin/low gloss.

Step 3. Select "yes" for Color Adjusting Kit
Includes directions for easy adjustment. The following listing will allow you to add-on a color adjusting kit.
Dye Colorant
Leather / Vinyl Recoloring Kit
Deluxe Repair Kit

Step 4. Adjusting
Once you have chosen the close color and selected "yes" for the color adjusting kit you can use the Color Adjusting Kit Matrix to easily develop your perfect color.

Multi-tone, Wax, Oil, Bonded and Bycast Leathers can be more difficult to restore. Please call us at 877-293-1723 for assistance before attempting to restore the color.

We will contact you after we receive the swatch and discuss the match and repair procedure with you.