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Proper Leather Care

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Leather Master Wax-On Kit  for Wax Pull-up Leathers Leather Master Wax-On Kit
Starting At: $42.99
Leather Master Oleosa Kit for Oil Pull-ups Leathers Leather Master Oleosa Kit
Starting At: $42.99

Leather Care Kit-250 ml Leather Care Kit-250 ml
Starting At: $29.95
Leather World Technologies Leather Care Bundle Leather Care Bundle
Starting At: $29.95

Leather Master Leather Degreaser- Removes Body Oil Leather Master Leather Degreaser
Starting At: $27.95

Leather Master Spew Remover Spew Remover
Starting At: $24.99
Leather Master Foam Cleaner is an aerosol version of Leather Master Strong Cleaner. Suitable for all leather types. Leather Master Foam Cleaner
Starting At: $21.99

Leather Master Smart Glue - solvent based polyurethane glue for leather Leather Master Smart Glue
Starting At: $17.99

Leather World Base Coat Base Coat
Starting At: $17.95

Leather World Plastic Primer Plastic Primer
Starting At: $17.95

Proper leather care involves cleaning, conditioning, and protecting your leather. Each of these steps requires that you select a product based on the type of leather you have. Most leather finishes are either pigmented, having a distinct paint like coating that still shows the grain, or aniline, a true stain finish that absorbs into the leather proper. Leather cleaning and care products with a cleaning code of "A" or "P" will work for this leather type. In fact, if the leather care product makes no leather type distinction, it is probably targeted for these leathers.

Suede leather and Nubuck leather with their characteristic nap finish require their own leather care products. Typically these will be marked as Nubuck cleaner or Nubuck leather protecor, for example, and will work for both suede and nubuck leathers.

Oiled leathers or pull-up leathers are aniline (stained) leather finishes with natural oils or waxes as a protective coating. These leathers tend to take on a distinctive patina with age and will lighten when stretched, pulled or scratched. These leathers also require their own leather care products -- Leather Master Oleosa being an excellent example.