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Leather Conditioner & Protector

Leather World Technologies offers a full line of professional grade leather conditioner and protector products for all types of leather: aniline, pigmented/topcoat, nubuck/suede and specialty leathers.

Most leathers encountered in furniture and auto applications are aniline or pigmented leathers. Much of Leather World's product line is devoted to these leathers.

Also significant in number is nubuck and suede leathers, easily identifiable by their brushed nap. Leather World offers specific conditioners and protectors to handle the unique characteristics of nubuck and suede.

Finally, a fairly small (in comparison to the previously mentioned types) segment of the leather market is in so called specialty leathers -- oiled leathers and waxed leathers. Oiled leathers may show up in rugged outerwear or boots. Waxed leathers may appear in certain furnishings or on journals or books. Again, Leather World offers products to address this distinct market segment.

If you are uncertain of your leather type, consult any manufacturer's tags or our Identifying Leather online manual. We also have a helpful manual of Leather Cleaning Tips.

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Leather Master Protection Cream Wipe Leather Master Protection Cream Leather Master Vital
Leather Master Protection Cream
Starting At: $14.95

Leather Master Vital Conditioner
Starting At: $14.95

Protection Cream Wipes provide excellent protection against water, oil and alcohol stains for aniline and pigmented leathers. It protects leather against everyday wear, perspiration and greasy skin marks. <p>
Leather Master Protection Cream is a water-based leather protector for all leather types except Nubuck.

Leather Vital Conditioner penetrates the leather to soften and restore the feel. Leather Vital is especially suited for revitalizing older leathers and to improve the feel of stiff leathers.

Leather World Hydrating Cream Leather Master Nubuck ECO Protector
Leather World Hydrating Cream
Starting At: $14.95


Leather World Hydrating cream is a moisturizing conditioner that penetrates the leather to soften and nourish it.

This is a water-based product for Nubuck or highly sensitive leathers. This amazing product will provide oil, water and alcohol protection on Nubuck leathers.