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Leather Furniture Dyes & Leather Paint for Auto and Furniture

Leather World offers a complete line of high quality dyes, pigments and coatings which are manufactured by IS9000/2000 certified corporations that serve the tannery industry around the globe. Leather World's products meet or exceed the OEM requirements of the auto and furniture industry. Our products are designed for the repair and color restoration for the leather industry allowing you to achieve an excellent restoration or repair.

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Leather World Dye Colorant -Coating for top coated or pigmented leathers Dye Colorant

A professional grade, ready to use water-based leather dye coating for top-coated or pigmented leathers or vinyl.

Top-coated or pigmented leather dyes are a paint like coating. This finish is the most common. Leather dye colorant is the best top-coated product on the market.

Starting At: $22.95

Leather World Aniline Leather Dye - Aniline Dyed Leathers Only Aniline Dye

Aniline leather dye is a true leather stain, penetrating into the leather. The aniline leather dye enhances the color of the leather and allows you to see the natural grain and marking of the leather. Leather aniline dye is designed to restore color and sheen to worn and faded leather without changing the feel.

Starting At: $29.95

leather dye color adjusting kit Color Adjusting Kit

Works in conjunction with our dye colorant for pigmented leathers. Transforms a “close enough” color to a perfect match with this adjustment kit.

  • Detailed adjustment instructions
  • White pigment (to lighten)
  • Black pigment (to darken)
  • Yellow pigment
  • Blue pigment
  • Red pigment

Starting At: $15.95

Leather World Top Coat-Clear protective finish for top coated or pigmented leathers Top Coat

Water-based transparent coating for top-coated (pigmented) leather and vinyl dyes.

Add extra durability to newly dyed leather or freshen up your existing clear top coat. Improves the feel on worn or newly recolored leather.

Starting At: $19.95

Leather World Base Coat Base Coat

When used as a Primer Coat, must follow with Leather Dye Colorant followed by a Top Coat.

When used as a Color Coat, the Base Coat can be tinted up to 20% with Color Pigment. Needs to receive a Top Coat when dry.

Starting At: $17.95

Leather World Plastic Primer Plastic Primer

Do not use on leather or soft vinyl.

Excellent water-based plastic primer for most automotive plastics and hard vinyl panels. This makes an excellent base for Dye Colorant to adhere to the hard plastic or vinyl trim.

Starting At: $17.95
Leather World Marine Leather Top Coat Marine Top Coat

We recommend using Marine Top Coat with Crosslinker 100.

A unique Top Coat that provides excellent chemical resistance and outstanding toughness for the marine industry.

Starting At: $19.95

Crown Spra-Tool Kit Crown Spra-Tool Kit

Spra-tool® is a disposable spray gun with all the conveniences of an aerosol can - it provides a controlled spray pattern for an even surface coverage.

Starting At: $14.95

Crown Spra-tool Power Pack Crown Spra-tool Power Pack

Crown Spra-tool Power Pack

A 6.5-ounce can of propellant for the Spra-tool® Disposable Spray Gun.

Starting At: $4.95