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Specialty Leather Cleaners

A number of specialty leather cleaners have arisen due to specific leather problems that require a focused solution. For example, mold on leather can incorporate into the leather material, requiring a specialized product to both kill it and remove it. Leather Master Mold Cleaner is such a product.

Dye transfers, such as dye rub off from blue jeans can color and mar leather. Leather Mater Dye Transfer Cleaner is a great solution to this issue.

Finally, ink removal is a very tough problem. See the discussion at the bottom of this section for advice and product selection.

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Leather Master Ink Killer - strips ink stain from leather Ink Killer
Starting At: $14.95

Leather Master Dye Transfer Cleaner removes dye transfer from light colored leathers Leather Dye Transfer Cleaner
Starting At: $14.95

Leather Master Mold Cleaner cleans mold and mildew Leather Master Mold Cleaner
Starting At: $14.95

Leather Master Leather Barrier -  reduces the probability of future color transfer on light leathers Leather Master Leather Barrier
Starting At: $14.99

Leather Master Ink Stop  designed to be used in the prevention of "Ball point " pen ink. Leather Master Ink Stop
Starting At: $14.99
Leather Master Spew Remover Spew Remover
Starting At: $24.99


How to Remove Ink from Leather
One of the more difficult leather "How To" questions involves the removal of ink stains, ball point ink marks, or permanent marker from leather. In truth, time is of the essence for such stains. Once a stain has remained for 24 hours, it is probably too late. The best that can be hoped for is partial removal, or to strip off some of the leather finish color to remove the ink.

That Leather Master has three products relating to ink stains, attests to how challenging the problem is.

The best solution is to have the leather pre-treated with a leather protector. Leather Master Protection Creme is helpful. A more robust protector is Leather Master Ink Stop. The role of a leather protector is to form a breathable barrier on your leather so that the next cleaning cleans down to the protection layer, but no further. So, an ink stain on leather that has received a leather protector will be easier to remove.

The Leather Master Ink Lifter stick is the go to product for ink removal. But for the best chance of success, this product would need to be already on hand. Time is the enemy. The longer the stain persists, the more difficult is its removal. So, only partial removal of the stain may be possible depending on how long the stain has resided or on how aggressive the ink.

Leather Master Ink Killer is in essence, an ink stripper. While it will remove the ink, it is so aggressive that some finish will be removed alos. Be prepared to touch up the finish color if this product is used.