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Leather Repair

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Leather/Vinyl Recoloring Kit Leather/Vinyl Recoloring Kit
Starting At: $64.95

Deluxe Leather Repair and Recolor Kit Deluxe Leather Repair Kit
Starting At: $79.95

Leather World Aniline Leather Recoloring Kit Aniline Leather Recoloring Kit
Starting At: $69.95

Leather Master Scratch Away designed to erase surface scratches Leather Master Scratch Away
Starting At: $12.99

Liquid Stitch "Flexible" Repair Adhesive Liquid Stitch
Starting At: $11.95

leather dye color adjusting kit Color Adjusting Kit
Starting At: $15.95

Leather World Color Prep & Cleaner Color Prep & Cleaner
Starting At: $11.95

Crown Spra-Tool Kit Crown Spra-Tool Kit
Starting At: $14.95

WB-1  Adhesive WB-1 Adhesive
Starting At: $9.95

Crown Spra-tool Power Pack Crown Spra-tool Power Pack
Starting At: $4.95

Leather Master Smart Glue - solvent based polyurethane glue for leather Leather Master Smart Glue
Starting At: $17.99

Application Sponge Sponge
Starting At: $1.49

Liquitex Palette Knife #13 Liquitex Palette Knife #13
Starting At: $6.99

Leather World Finish Filler Finish Filler
Starting At: $17.95

Leather World Leather Filler Leather Filler
Starting At: $17.95

Plastic Palette Knife Plastic Palette Knife
Starting At: $3.49

Teflon Mat Teflon Mat
Starting At: $9.99
Subpatch Paper Subpatch Paper
Starting At: $5.95


As a natural material, leather can suffer a number of problems that need a repair. Leather tears, rips, pet scratches, ink marks, body oil build up, dye transfer from clothing, or damage from normal wear and tear are all issues that can be repaired with the proper products. Leather Repair Kits offer a comprehensive solution that can solve a number of problems with one set of leather products.

The Leather World Deluxe Leather Repair Kit isn't cheap, but is one of the most comprehensive on the market. It can be configured to do large repairs involving multiple pieces of furniture down to spot leather repairs. We also offer what we would term "touch up" leather repair kits aimed at solving smaller, specific problems.

So, what are some of the types of repair products involved in one of our kits?

Leather adhesive and backing material enable a tear or rip to be closed and supported. Leather filler is used to fill in and smooth over a damaged area.

Leather dye will be needed to bring the repair into match with the surrounding finish. But, finish adhesion is critical to a long lasting leather repair. To prepare the surface, our color prep and cleaner will remove oils, dirt, and old finish to reveal a surface that will form a tight bond with the new finish.

Leather dye typically consist of a base and pigment. For auto leather applications, the base will have UV protection. Most leathers are termed pigmented leathers, meaning they are a distinct coating, similar to a paint, that adheres to leather and provides a uniform finish -- while still revealing a leather grain pattern. Pigmented coatings are easier to work with since errors can be stripped and a new repair attempt made. Pigmented coatings can be applied with a sponge or a spray device -- ranging from a compressed propellant device up to an airbrush or spray gun.

For pigmented leather dye, found in our Dye Colorant product, there are hundreds of colors available, from our furniture dye color chart or our auto color charts. And yes, you can use an auto color on your favorite couch. Ferrari Red -- not a problem!

Some leather finishes are stains or aniline dyes -- the dyes penetrate the leather material but reveal more of the leather's natural imperfections and subtleties. Aniline finishes are additive to any existing color, so less flexibility exists on a finish repair.

Finally, a leather finish repair should be conditioned and protected to guard against future problems. A good leather protector does the job.