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Leather Restoration Repair and Protection Products

Like a fine wine, leather changes in texture, quality and appearance through time. The higher the quality, the better most types of leather will appear and feel as days go by. However, as with other products and materials, leather can and will experience damage along with general wear and tear the more it is used. Because of this, leather restoration is something that is necessary and can only be properly achieved when the right products are used.

Leather World Tech provides a specialized line of professional leather restoration products for top grained, aniline and semi-aniline leathers. If you are searching for a solution to covering a few subtle scratches on the surface of your leather product, choose from our premium leather filler products. These are designed to make your leather look like new by effectively covering and coating any minor scratches, scuffs, or other worn-out areas.

It’s important to treat leather with as much care as much as possible, but things happen. When you keep Leather World Tech leather restoration products on hand, you’ll give yourself the ability to make repairs quickly and thoroughly.

Keep your leather looking and feeling the best by purchasing Leather World Tech leather restoration products.

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Leather Master Scratch Away designed to erase surface scratches Leather Master Scratch Away
Starting At: $12.99

Liquid Stitch "Flexible" Repair Adhesive Liquid Stitch
Starting At: $11.95

Leather World Color Prep & Cleaner Color Prep & Cleaner
Starting At: $11.95

WB-1  Adhesive WB-1 Adhesive
Starting At: $9.95

Leather Master Smart Glue - solvent based polyurethane glue for leather Leather Master Smart Glue
Starting At: $17.99

Leather World Finish Filler Finish Filler
Starting At: $17.95

Leather World Leather Filler Leather Filler
Starting At: $17.95

Subpatch Paper Subpatch Paper
Starting At: $5.95

Hand Scuff Pads Scuff Pads
Starting At: $1.99

Leather World Dark Brown Leather Filler Dark Brown Leather Filler
Starting At: $19.95

Leather World White Leather Filler White Leather Filler
Starting At: $19.95