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Leather Repair Application Guides

This collection of application guides highlight specific areas within leather repair, leather cleaning, leather care and leather recoloring and dyeing along with the appropriate products and techniques to solve problems within these subject areas. Typically the first step is to identify the type of leather. Our leather identification guide or one of our technicians can help you identify your leather type.

For interior leathers, whether car or furniture, the dominant leather finish is a pigmented leather consisting of a layer of dye on the surface of the leather that is opaque yet still lets the grain show through. A Pigmented finish repels water. On higher end furniture, and occasionally in auto, a natural or aniline finish is found. This dye finish has the qualities of a true stain as it absorbs into the material to impart its color and allows the natural texture and imperfections of leather to show through in addition to the grain. Aniline finishes absorb water.

Nubuck and suede finishes typically show up in apparel applications and require their own class of products and techniques

Oiled leather finishes may be found on items such as outer wear that is exposed to the elements and must repel moisture.

Waxed leather is specialty finish type that may show up in some cases, such as boardroom furniture.

Our guides and advice can help you bring the right products and methods to bear on all your leather issues!

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Leather Master Protection Cream Wipe Leather Master Protection Cream Wipe

Protection Cream Wipes provide excellent protection against water, oil and alcohol stains for aniline and pigmented leathers. It protects leather against everyday wear, perspiration and greasy skin marks.

Starting At: $2.99

Nubuck Sponge Nubuck Grooming Sponge

Nubuck Sponge

The nubuck sponge is designed to lift the nap of nubuck and suede leathers. Excellent for grooming the leather to keep its feel and look.

Starting At: $6.99
Leather Master Nubuck Cleaner- designed specifically for nubuck leather Leather Master Nubuck Cleaner

Leather Master Nubuck Cleaner

Suitable for nubuck and suede

Nubuck Cleaner is a water-based cleaner for nubuck leather. Nubuck cleaner is designed to gently remove stains and heavy soiling from nubuck and other sensitive leathers.

*Because it is a sensitive leather, chemical cleaners should only be used on nubuck when necessary. For regular cleaning, we recommend the Nubuck Cloth.

Starting At: $7.99

Leather Master Nubuck Cloths remove surface soiling, and the flattening and matting of the nap. Leather Master Nubuck Cloths

Leather Master Nubuck Cloths

A pack of two.
Suitable for nubuck and suede.

The Leather Master Nubuck Cloth makes it easy to clean nubuck. The cloth will remove surface soiling, and the flattening and matting commonly caused by body oils.

The Nubuck Cloth is a dry clean product – no liquids are necessary. Unlike liquid cleaners, the Nubuck Cleaning Cloth can be used to spot clean nubuck. The cloth can also be used on suede and microfiber.

Starting At: $9.49

Leather Master Ink Lifter 8 Gram-Remove Ink stain less tan 24 hours old Leather Master Ink Lifter 8 Gram

An easy to use product for the removal of ink and lipstick from protected leathers.

Starting At: $9.99

Liquid Stitch "Flexible" Repair Adhesive Liquid Stitch

Liquid Stitch leather repair adhesive is just like an invisible repair job for leather rips, tears, cuts and "L-shaped" damages. This product can be used on large or small leather and vinyl repairs. Liquid Stitch is waterproof and permanent.

Starting At: $11.95

Liquid Leather / Vinyl Touch-Up Recolor Kit Liquid Leather Touch-Up Recolor Kit

Bring that leather couch or vinyl car seat to like-new condition using this easy Liquid Leather Repair Kit. Discoloring and natural wear is a common complaint with leather or vinyl furniture but can be fixed with this simple Leather Recolor Kit. Just mix the color to match the leather, test it on the provided scrap material, apply and let dry!

Starting At: $11.99

Quick 20 Air Dry Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit Quick 20 Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit

The Quick 20 leather and vinyl repair kit will match most popular colors and grains. This is the very best kit for people who want to repair leather items in their home, car, boat, office, luggage and apparel without using a heating process. This leather repair kit is simple to use with complete, easy to follow instructions included.

Starting At: $12.95

Leather Master Ink Killer - strips ink stain from leather Ink Killer

Ink Killer is specifically formulated to remove ink and lipstick from leather. It works best when used on leather that has been protected with Leather Protection Cream.

Starting At: $14.95
Liquid Leather Professional Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit Liquid Leather Professional Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit

Leather Professionals make fast, easy repairs to leather, vinyl and naugahyde because of the special heat tool in their kit - now available to you in this Liquid Leather Professional leather repair kit. You can repair holes, rips, tears and burns in minutes.

Starting At: $14.95

Leather Master Protection Cream -  Provide protection against soiling Leather Master Protection Cream

Leather Master Protection Cream is a water-based leather protector for all leather types except Nubuck.

Starting At: $14.95

Leather Master Vital soften and restore the feel of leather Leather Master Vital Conditioner

Leather Vital Conditioner penetrates the leather to soften and restore the feel. Leather Vital is especially suited for revitalizing older leathers and to improve the feel of stiff leathers.

Starting At: $14.95

Leather World Hydrating Cream Leather World Hydrating Cream

Leather World Hydrating cream is a moisturizing conditioner that penetrates the leather to soften and nourish it.

Starting At: $14.95

Leather Master Ink Stop  designed to be used in the prevention of "Ball point " pen ink. Leather Master Ink Stop

Ink Stop provides excellent protection against water based, oil based and alcohol stains; it protects leather against wear & tear, perspiration and greasy skin marks.

Ink Stop (if used in the recommended frequency cycles) will also block ink and dye transfers from penetrating the top surface of the leather making the longevity of the leather extremely cost effective and attractive.

Starting At: $14.99
Leather Master Super Remover mild stripper for stains and dye transfers Leather Master Super Remover - 250ml

For removing blue jean transfer, newspaper print and deep stains like mustard on protected (Type P) leathers

This product works, even when nothing else will. Often on light-colored leathers, it appears that the color is coming off the leather because you can only see the surface. What has actually happened is a transfer of a lighter color to the leather's surface from blue jeans and/or newspaper print.

Starting At: $15.99

Nubuck / Mircofiber Grooming Brush Nubuck / Mircofiber Grooming Brush

Nubuck / Mircofiber Grooming Brush

This brass bristle brush is a traditional-style groomer which have been used for many years in the upholstery industry. It features brass wire stapled into a maple wood block and handle allowing for easier side-brushing action.

The finest brass wire brush with non-corrosive bristles made specifically for use on nubuck or microfiber upholstery. Hold at an angle while lightly brushing upholstery to restore it to its original luster.

Starting At: $16.99

Leather Master Midi Cleaning Kit - Contain 150ml of Soft Cleaner & Protection Cream Leather Master Cleaning Midi Kit - 150ml

A basic leather cleaning kit For Aniline & Pigmented Leather Types.

Starting At: $21.95

Leather World Dye Colorant -Coating for top coated or pigmented leathers Dye Colorant

A professional grade, ready to use water-based leather dye coating for top-coated or pigmented leathers or vinyl.

Top-coated or pigmented leather dyes are a paint like coating. This finish is the most common. Leather dye colorant is the best top-coated product on the market.

Starting At: $27.95

Leather Master Nubuck ECO Protector provide oil, water and alcohol protection on nubuck leathers. Leather Master Nubuck ECO Protector - 500ml

This is a water-based product for Nubuck or highly sensitive leathers. This amazing product will provide oil, water and alcohol protection on Nubuck leathers.

Starting At: $29.99

Leather Master Nubuck Cleaning Kit - contains Nubuck Cleaner, Nubuck Protector, Nubuck Degreaser, Nubuck cloth, Sponge & Instructions Leather Master Nubuck Cleaning Kit with Nubuck Degreaser

This nubuck / suede leather cleaner kit is excellent for suede apparel! The Nubuck leather cleaning kit contains:

  • 150ml of Nubuck leather Cleaner
  • 200ml Nubuck Protector
  • 200ml Nubuck Degreaser
  • Nubuck Cloth
  • Sponge
  • Instructions

Starting At: $34.95

Leather Master Vital- 1 Liter Leather Master Vital Conditioner - 1 Liter

Leather Vital Conditioner deeply absorbs into leather to soften and restore a compliant feel. This product is often used to solve the complaint that the leather doesn't feel as soft as the floor model and similar comments. Size: 1 Liter.

Starting At: $39.95

Custom Leather World Dye Colorant Color Matched Dye Colorant

A professional grade, ready to use water-based leather dye coating for top-coated or pigmented leathers or vinyl.

Starting At: $49.95

Leather Master NuBuck Eco Kit contains cleaner , protector & cleaning cloths Leather Master Nubuck Eco Cleaning Kit

A complete nubuck / suede leather cleaning and protection kit from Leather Mastr. Covers up to 3 leather furniture pieces. The Nubuck Eco Cleaning Kit contains:

  • 500ml Eco Protector Spray
  • 225ml Nubuck Leather Cleaner
  • 2 Nubuck Cleaning Cloths
  • 2 Sponges

Starting At: $49.99

Deluxe Leather Repair and Recolor Kit Deluxe Leather Repair Kit

The Deluxe Leather Repair Kit contains:

  • Leather Dye Colorant
  • Leather Color Prep & Cleaner
  • Leather Protection Cream
  • 1/2oz Leather Adhesive
  • Leather Filler
  • Sub-Patch Material
  • Scuff pad
  • Sponge
  • Palette Knife
  • Gloves & Instructions

Starting At: $79.95