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Liquid Leather

The term "liquid leather" is often used to describe a filler compound composed of filler material and adhesive that may be mixed with a dye component. In some instances, such products must have a heating source applied to "melt" or "cure" the filler into the material being repaired.

Leather World offers three "Liquid Leather" kits: a basic cold process kit, a more advanced kit with a heating element, and an advanced version in an attractive "tackle box". We also offer a deluxe leather repair kit for a more professional job and a recolor only kit.

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For advice on making leather repairs, check out our online Leather Repair Manual

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Liquid Stitch "Flexible" Repair Adhesive Liquid Stitch

Liquid Stitch leather repair adhesive is just like an invisible repair job for leather rips, tears, cuts and "L-shaped" damages. This product can be used on large or small leather and vinyl repairs. Liquid Stitch is waterproof and permanent.

Starting At: $11.95

Liquid Leather / Vinyl Touch-Up Recolor Kit Liquid Leather Touch-Up Recolor Kit

Bring that leather couch or vinyl car seat to like-new condition using this easy Liquid Leather Repair Kit. Discoloring and natural wear is a common complaint with leather or vinyl furniture but can be fixed with this simple Leather Recolor Kit. Just mix the color to match the leather, test it on the provided scrap material, apply and let dry!

Starting At: $11.99

Quick 20 Air Dry Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit Quick 20 Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit

The Quick 20 leather and vinyl repair kit will match most popular colors and grains. This is the very best kit for people who want to repair leather items in their home, car, boat, office, luggage and apparel without using a heating process. This leather repair kit is simple to use with complete, easy to follow instructions included.

Starting At: $12.95

Liquid Leather Professional Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit Liquid Leather Professional Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit

Leather Professionals make fast, easy repairs to leather, vinyl and naugahyde because of the special heat tool in their kit - now available to you in this Liquid Leather Professional leather repair kit. You can repair holes, rips, tears and burns in minutes.

Starting At: $14.95